Photos that were exhibited at Galerie Noordvleugel and ZINN Leeuwarden (Cultural Capital 2018) are now for sale at sharply reduced prices. *)

Click here for the former exhibition photos with a matching poem-card made by me.

Click here for four new photos, a little bit smaller but as least as lovely and beautifully framed. 

All photos are expertly printed with high-quality materials by Wilcovak Hoogeveen. The photos “Vulnerable Red”, “Last Hold” and “Seducer” are printed with the Diasec Trulife technique (not framed but with a solid hanging system).

The other photos are framed with passe partout and fitted with high-quality glass by Lijstenmakerij Bosma, Veenklooster.



A couple of the photo’s that were in an exhibition at MOOIwerk Dokkum are also for sale.  

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Thanks again to Wilcovak, Hoogeveen for the expertly and perfect prints.

Size & price of the photos 

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact me (contact details)

 Sneak preview




This is a serie of commissioned photos for HUB Haren.  Edition 1/5  of each photo is sold.  

The other editions are still for sale. These photos aren’t delivered from stock, therefore the price can be higher due to the rising costs of paper, printwork etc.

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Are you interested? 

Please contact me. I can request a quote from WILCOVAK regarding the costs of the photo in question. 

Size of the photos 


*) The following applies to all prices mentioned:

The prices of the photos are based on delivery from current stock (one print of each photo). Due to the rising costs of paper, glass etc, the price of photos that can’t be delivered from stock may be higher than currently indicated prices.  

The prices of the photo’s are based on the delivery from the current stock (one print of each photo).

Due to increased costs of paper, glass and frames, the price per photo can be higher than the current indicated price, if I can no longer deliver from stock.

A price agreement will always be made with you if delivery from stock is not possible. 

All prices are including 9% VAT but excluding any shipping costs.  



With these series of photos I let my imagination run wild and create a “A Different World”, a different look on the world.