I was born and raised in the city of Groningen, the Netherlands.     

Since 2006 I have exchanged the city for the Frisian countryside. A lovely place close to the National Park Lauwersmeer (also Dark Sky Park!) and the Waddensea. This is also where my passion for photography started. How could it be otherwise with the most beautiful nature around you?  

My photography is not about achieving the perfect picture. I want to show you the beauty of the landscapes, the skies, the animals, the flowers, the trees and the unexpected encounters in nature.  
Portret 13 b

I love to stimulate your senses, let you feel and experience the beauty of nature with one click of my camera.  

In the series of photos “A Different World” I show you a different dimension with different colors and shapes. I let my imagination run wild. Especially trees and flowers are valuable objects for creating ‘A Different World’.

I can’t paint with a brush, but I can paint with my camera. 

Besides being a photographer, I am also a writer and poet.  I love connecting my poems and texts with my photos.

There is always a mini-exhibition in my B&B The Wee White Hoose. If there are no guests you can make an appointment to take a look at the photo’s, my portfolios, my photo-art cards and my collection of poems. 


Technical information

I use Sony cameras with Sony & Tamrom lenses (35mm – 600mm). Since a couple of years I also use the  NIKON P900. 


A couple of my photos are for sale. Please take a look at “PHOTOS for SALE“.

Do you want more information? Please contact me: “CONTACT“.

image-2019-01-13 (38)  Reflection….


Interview with GPTV (in Dutch).  Thanks to the late Dirk de Bood and to Sipko Gerstel en Jorn de Roos!

Uit de KUNST Annita Hoekstra: ‘Een dier als de wolf moet hier weer zijn kans krijgen’.



Family Foto Award 2015-2016 (second prize)

Friday April 1, 2016 (no joke!) I won the second prize of the Family Foto Award 2015-2016!

The title of my winning photo was: “Vibrant red, golden grain, green dike and heavenly blue”.  

A bit proud…..










All photo’s & texts & poems:                                                                                                                                             

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