I was born and raised in Groningen, the Netherlands.    

My photography is not about achieving the perfect picture but to show you the beauty of nature: landscapes, skies, animals, flowers, trees and unexpected encounters in nature. Portret 4

I love to excite your senses and want to make you feel and experience the beauty of nature with one click of my camera.

In the series “A Different World” I show you another dimension, different shapes & colors  in my photo’s.  I let my fantasy run free.  Especially trees and flowers are grateful objects to create A Different World. 

I can’t paint with a paintbrush but I do paint with my camera.

Besides photographer I also am an author & poet. I love to connect my poems & tales with my photo’s .

My photo’s, poems & tales can be seen in exhibitions and are for sale.

Technical information: 

I use body’s of Sony and lenses of both Sony and Tamron (35mm up to 600mm). Since half a year I also use the Nikon P900.


All photos can be purchased.

For additional information and prices please email: foxwildlife@icloud.com


image-2019-01-13 (38)  Reflection….


Interview with GPTV. Thanks to the late Dirk de Bood, to Sipko Gerstel and Jorn de Roos!

Uit de KUNST Annita Hoekstra: ‘Een dier als de wolf moet hier weer zijn kans krijgen’.



Family Foto Award 2015-2016 (second price)

Friday 1st April 2016 I won the second price with the Family Foto Award 2015-2016! Title of my winning photo: “thrilling red, golden corn, green dyke and heavenly blue”.  Feeling a little bit proud!










All photo’s & texts & poems:                                                                                                                                             

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